Tattoo Removal… How does it work?
By Cait Verini

Tattoo removal is an amazing process involving lasers and light beams. But many patients looking into tattoo removal in Rochester, NY don’t know what actually happens underneath the skin after a treatment.

The Laser’s Job
During treatment, short and intense bursts of light are directed at the tattoo. The light bursts target the ink particles that make up the tattoo, which live in the second layer of the skin. When the laser and the ink first come into contact it creates a chemical reaction known as “Frosting” or “Epidermal Whitening.” The frosting effect is temporary, and fades soon after treatment leaving the body to do the rest of the breakdown work for the tattoo removal. In our body we have cells called Macrophages, or as we have named them “Pac Men,” that take care of breaking down the remaining ink.

Laser tattoo removal patient whose music symbol tattoo was just treated
Immediately following laser treatment this patient has the “frosting” effect.

Pac Man’s Job
The job of these macrophages (or Pac-Men) is to eliminate foreign bodies through our waste system and through the liver. As we shatter the ink particles with the laser, they become small enough for the macrophage to carry away.

Artist rendering of Pacman painted on a wooden fence

How Tat Erase Treats
The goal during tattoo removal is to blast away at the existing ink, making it smaller and smaller. As the ink is broken up by the laser, the smallest particles continue to be carried away by the macrophages. Over time the macrophages carry away enough ink particles that the tattoo is cleared from the skin. Treatment can safely be done every six to twelve weeks, depending on how the body reacts. If you trust the process we can help you to eliminate or lighten your unwanted ink!

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