About Us

Joshua Weitz, M.D.

Tat Erase Dr. Josh

‘Dr Josh,’ as he is affectionately called by his team and clients is a physician entrepreneur who, with his best friend and dermatologist, long-wished to create a space where tattoo removal can be performed in comfort.  As a result, Tat Erase is the love child of years of planning and designing to create a truly comfortable space where state-of-the-art laser technology meets a unique blend of class and luxury.

Having a profound appreciation for ink and artwork, he seeks to support local artists as many clients wish to have cover-ups, new pieces added or additional work done.

Dr. Weitz is thrilled to expand service offerings with the addition of Fat Erase’s CoolSculpting treatment, as well as the skin resurfacing laser Resolve. Dr. Weitz is one of the nation’s key opinion leaders on CoolSculpting and has been performing the treatment since 2011. He and his team have completed over 6,000 CoolSculpting treatments, and Fat Erase is a CoolSculpting Complete Certified Practice.

Additionally, Tat Erase is a Syneron-Candela Center for Excellence for its utilization and expertise with the Picoway laser – the gold standard device for laser tattoo removal. The Resolve skin resurfacing treatment is part of the Picoway platform, which Tat Erase is pleased to offer clients as an affordable skin rejuvenating treatment.

Ashley Cook, LPN

Tat Erase Ashley

Ashley has been in the nursing field for over 13 years with a background in plastic surgery and dermatology. She also spent 5 years managing a wellness center in Rochester prior to joining the Tat Erase team. With her diverse background and many areas of expertise Ashley performs all of the treatments offered – laser tattoo removal with the Picoway, the Resolve Laser Skin Treatment, and CoolSculpting.

Ashley has been part of the Tat Erase team for 1.5 years and she feels right at home. With her own love for tattoos, she appreciates the ability to help others cover up or erase their unwanted ink.

Ashley has performed CoolSculpting treatments since 2013, and is thrilled to offer the service with Fat Erase. She has performed over 1,000 treatments herself and is a graduate of CoolSculpting University.

In her spare time you can find Ashley doing what she loves most – being a mom to two children or lifting at the gym. She also enjoys watching Marvel movies, going to concerts, and is always trying to bring a smile to everyone’s face.