Erica could be a self described ‘every-woman.’  As a single mom of three beautiful children, she is working full time to support her family and became tired of her 7 year old asking why her flower “wasn’t pretty?”  A tattoo she had started at age 18 represented freedom and independence.  Unfortunately, it was never completed and now with her children regularly drawing attention, she is ready to move on and eliminate this unwanted ink.

In her own words, here’s more about Erica’s experience at Tat Erase…

“My experience with Tat Erase has been so great that I have started treatments for a second tattoo removal.  My tattoos were both small so the treatments are fast and almost painless.  I was even able to get my first treatment the same day as my initial consult.  The staff are fantastic and they make you feel calm and comfortable the whole time. I would highly recommend Tat Erase to anyone looking to remove some ink.”



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-Images reproduced with permission; Syneron-Candela
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