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At Tat Erase, we are focused on your comfort, start to finish.



Ability to treat ALL skin types and ink colors.



Tat Erase uses the world’s most advanced picosecond laser – the PicoWay™



Fewer treatments than ever before!

How Does The Process Work?

You have ink. You wish to lighten or eliminate your ink to create a Fresh Canvas for Your Next Adventure. You contact your experts at Tat Erase to learn more…

  1. Receive a Free Consultation

    Your ink has been a part of you. Changing it can be a tough decision. That’s why Tat Erase is committed to providing all the info you need, upfront and free of charge.

  2. Discuss your Options

    You may choose to eliminate your ink, you may choose to lighten your ink, you may choose to just “hit it once” so that your favorite artist can create a new masterpiece. Let’s start the conversation.

  3. Receive treatment

    Treatment begins when you’re ready, even the same day as your consult. We have developed 4 custom options for your PureComfort™ and are dedicated to making the experience positive and comfortable. Let’s get it done together.

Client Stories

Our Mission is to provide our clients an unparalleled, comfortable experience with their tattoo removal. See how PicoWay ™ technology at Tat Erase can enhance your life.