Like the Loch Ness Monster or a supermodel on Tinder, some things only exist in fairytales. In this blog post we separate the lies your know-it-all coworker told you from actual medical truths. Here are the top five myths about laser tattoo removal debunked:


Myth #1: Black Ink Is Impossible To Remove

Your expertise of printer ink does not apply to tattoos, Steve. The truth: the darker the ink, the easier it is to remove. Since the color black absorbs all wavelengths, our laser is able to break it up completely to yield a nearly perfect success rate. This is lucky, since black is the most commonly used ink nationwide.

Myth #2: Lasering Burns Your Skin

Wrong again. The truth: our lasers are extremely accurate and only target ink. The days of laser lament are long gone with new advances in the PicoWay system, which passes wavelengths right through the top layers of your skin to make direct contact with the coloring. Scarring is now very uncommon and is more likely a remnant from when the tattoo was placed the first (or second) time around. Average pain-level is difficult to determine as so many people have such different thresholds, however, it can be quite uncomfortable – which is why, at Tat Erase, we offer our clients 4 custom comfort options, which are proven to make the procedure a piece of cake!

Myth #3: Each Treatment Takes A Long Time

Actually, you could go during your lunch break. The Truth: treatments are quick and easy. You’ll only spend a few minutes in the chair for a regular sized tattoo, and still less than 60 minutes for anything larger than a basketball. Aloe, Ice, and out the door.

Myth #4: You Have to Get Treatments Every Week

That’s not on the agenda. The Truth: treatments are spaced out at your convenience. Although we typically allow eight weeks between each laser session, there is no downside to waiting longer if you want to. The laser employs your body to work away at the ink after just one treatment, and will continue to fade on it’s own between sessions until fully removed. Ink meet antibodies.

Myth #5: You Can Remove A Tattoo At Home

Don’t try this at home, kids. The Truth: tattoo removal creams DO NOT work. There are a variety of products on the market that claim to remove or fade your ink, but the fact is, they are expensive and ineffective. The main ingredient in these creams is bleach – yup, that toxic stuff you want to “avoid contact with skin.” They only work at the surface level, causing serious irritation and failing to even reach the ink. 10 out of 10 absolutely DO NOT recommend.

Now you know! If you have any remaining questions or concerns, give us a call at 585.733.7273 (73-ERASE) or send our handy e-assistant, Lisa, your thoughts –

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