It’s everyone’s first question – so, does it?

It holds true that we must suffer for our art. Whether painting a detailed portrait or erasing a blank canvas: no pain no gain. Luckily, just like your ink, the pain is temporary. Treatment may be over in a matter of minutes but macho bragging-rights are forever. That being said…we live by our core value – Comfort. With tattoo removal, it doesn’t have to hurt.

Since average pain level can be difficult to determine, it’s best to consider potential discomfort on a spectrum. Our Tat Erase experts factored in pain tolerance, procedural history, and tattoo specifics to present four PureComfort™ Custom Comfort Options for your peace of mind.


Option 1 – “I feel nothing!” comfy-catimage00

No, we didn’t forget to turn the laser on. This is our most recommended treatment option, it allows us to use our maximal resources as medical professionals. With this option, we take extra precautions to use special numbing techniques to insure that the procedure is as close to a dull/gentle tapping as possible. The vast majority of our patients opt for this approach, after all, comfort is key, which is why we throw in the Zimmer Chiller as well!



tinglingOption 2 – “Okay, I feel some tingling?” image00image00

This option allows us to use some super strong numbing (not your OTC nonsense) that can be applied ahead of treatment to dull the sensation of the laser. Many describe the feeling as a light snap of a rubber band. People with normal pain tolerance, little or no prior procedural history, and average size tattoos on moderately sensitive areas can usually tolerate this well. Did we mention you get the Zimmer Chiller experience here as well?



Option 3 – “That one’s a little bit spicy!” image00spicy-2image00image00

A lower potency topical numbing agent can be applied pre-treatment, this is like an LMX cream or equivalent, it isn’t very strong and is only going to help a little. If this is the approach that you wish to take, we try to target shortened teatment times, use of cool packs and our awesome Zimmer Chiller (we really love this thing). If you can’t bring a hand-holder, a rubber squeeze-ball substitute can be provided for you.


shutterstock_516234256Option 4 – “Cold wind blowin on my … brrrrrr!”

For super small tattoos (think someone’s initials) that are in areas which are not particularly sensitive, we may opt to save you some time and just chill it with the Zimmer Chiller (yes, we know…but really, you have to see this thing in action, it’s soooo coool!! – bad pun). Ultimately, this is a comfort option, but it is our bare bones minimum and not highly recommended by our staff. Stick with option 1, you’ll thank us!




Option 5 – “This might be worse than the tattoo.” image00image00image00image00image00

Okay. This is NOT an option. At Tat Erase, we’re here for you no matter what and we will NOT let you proceed with no numbing or comfort implements, no matter how tough you might be. Many places you go want to see you squirm…NOT us. No way, no how, nuh-uh. NOT…an option.

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